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The Star Review - 25 May 2015
by Stephen Grigg

Bedroom Farce by Graham Linehan
Sheffield Library Theatre

Tudor Players’ latest comedy by Alan Ayckbourn is directed by the very able Phil Gascoyne.

The stage is divided into three. In bedroom number one we have experienced and always enjoyable players John Fereday and Edwina Gascoyne.

Husband Ernest is exasperated as his wife Delia has to choose from 20 different outfits. Fereday’s funniest moment comes later in the play. He tells sister in law Susannah he hasn’t got any problems. One look at a furious Delia and he continues: “I’ve probably got a problem now.”

A younger, newish couple inhabit bedroom number two. Matt Screaton and Sarah Fox are Malcolm and Kate. They are still at the stage of playing silly games of hiding each other’s shoes.

Bedroom number three permanently houses Harry Nixon’s Nick. A bad back sees him in various uncomfortable positions as he tries to retrieve a lost book. His wife Jan played by Hayley Sadler mostly features at a party in bedroom two.

Last but not least we have Fran Rooker and John Moran as feuding couple Susannah and Trevor. Hats off to Rooker, who learned the part in a week. Moran and Rooker gelled well in a short space of time. If you can count attacking each other with a lampshade as gelling well! Rooker’s most amusing moments are when she does her affirmations and yoga breathing: “There is nothing to be frightened about.” Very trendy in the 1970s.

Set designers Hansel D’Roza and Phil Gascoyne ensure Malcolm’s DIY table collapses but thankfully no beds!