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The Star Review - 13 October 2015
by Stephen Grigg

The Ladykillers by Graham Linehan
Sheffield Library Theatre

Graham linehan’s adaptation of the classic Eating black comedy has become a swansong for a well-loved member of Tudor Players.

The late Peter Howard directed the show and would have been proud of his fine cast.

Andrea Howard ages several decades to play apparently sweet old landlady Louisa Wilberforce.

Slightly less innocent are the reprobates, I mean musicians, assembled by criminal Prof Marcus. Roger Bingham is terrific as Marcus and has most of the best lines: “Poverty is no disgrace, it’s an inconvenience.”

His charming demeanour seems to get his team out of the most hilariously ridiculous scrapes. He passes off five men stuffed in a cupboard, for example as a run-of-the-mill musician’s meeting. Later he orchestrates each gang member’s sob story as he mimes behind Mrs Wilberforce to get her on side.

John Fereday stars as Major Courtney a cross-dressing confidence trickster who lacks confidence.

Ross Banister plays Harry Robinson; He pops pills and deals with anxiety by obsessive cleaning, when he should be bumping off old ladies.

Rod Duncan is dense heavy weight boxer; One-Round.

Phil Gascoyne completes the quintet as Romanian killer Louis Harvey. Idioms are his weak spot. His thinks Courtney is a nervous ship.

Feast on an evening of silliness with a side helping of gallows humour.