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The Star Review - 22 February 2014

by Paul Tyree

Neighbourhood Watch
Library Theatre

When brother and sister Martin and Hilda move into their new house they start a neighbourhood watch scheme that takes the idea of protection a little too far. Alan Ayckbourn’s 2011 play is presented by the Tudor Players at the Library Theatre.

It is a hilarious look at how fear can drive us to extremes and damage the idea of freedom within our society.

Set in Martin and Hilda's living room, taking place over several months, Ayckbourn creates an ever increasing farcical but still believable look at a group of people who believe they know best how to solve society’s ills.

Ross Bannister as Martin delivers a wonderful performance in the lead role. He is assured and funny and has a natural stage presence. Also excellent is Siobhan Daley as his sister in a performance that gets evermore menacing as the evening progresses.

Perhaps best of all though is Jenn Aspinall as Magda, a put-upon, beaten wife who eventually moves in with Martin and Hilda for protection. Hers is a performance that takes us out of farce territory and gives us a hint of the real tragedy behind the laughter. At one point she delivers a monologue that held the entire audience and gave us a moment of real sadness and power. Also likeable are Sarah Fox as Amy, a sexually rampant wife who eventually snares Martin, and Kevin Cheeseright as Rod, a right wing 'string 'em up' nut who also provides much hilarity throughout the night. It has to be said that all of the cast Perform well in a very likeable Ayckbourn piece.

The evening is full of laughter and the Tudor Players can be proud of producing a wonderful night.