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The Star Review - 13 February 2015
by Stephen Grigg

Tom, Dick & Harry by Ray & Michael Cooney
Sheffield Library Theatre

Ray and Michael Cooney’s farce replaces the traditional sexual innuendo with the macabre.

Rod Duncan is excellent as apparently sensible husband, Tom who with long- suffering wife Linda, has obsessively prepared in order to show Mrs Potter they are the perfect prospective parents.

However Tom’s roguish brothers Dick and Harry soon conspire to put any chance of adopting a baby into “aint gonna happen” territory.

There are some great set pieces. Phil Gascoyne’s Dick explains to Tom how his accidentally acquired Kosovan refugees are related, with a hilarious elaborate mime.

Ross Bannister’s Harry, meanwhile, owing to his gruesome scheme, is repeatedly thrown out of the window by Tom. Harry later on saves Tom time by throwing himself out of the window!

Rod Duncan’s Tom is the central character to the piece. The fun comes from Tom’s progressively more intricate mendacity to appease Linda, Constable Downs and Mrs Potter. Tom even has to update his brothers on the latest fiction even though they have caused all the trouble in the first place.

All players contribute fine performances. Fran Rooker is Tom’s exasperated wife Linda. John Fereday has fun as drunken trumpet playing Andreas with Siobhan Daley as his granddaughter. Kevin Cheeseright, Pam Bush and Stuart Rooker are Constable Downs, Mrs Potter and Boris the gangster respectively.

As well as directing the piece, Roger Bingham along with Peter Howard has designed an impressive set. As well as the front room, there is a long staircase and a garden seen through the window.